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Will Hsu

Will Hsu
Started flying on the trapeze at the age of 8. Under the coaching of Jackie Tan, he became a proficient flyer and rigger and was able to pickup a number of other traits such as learning how to unicycle, juggle, and eat fire. Will later attended Tufts University in Massachusetts where in his free time, he helped manage Tito Gaona’s trapeze program. When he graduated in 2005, Will helped to manage the newly opened Trapeze School New York – Beantown rig before abruptly moving to the Philippine. Over the years, Will has been fortunate enough to fly and work with a number of industry most respected professionals including but not limited to, Tito Gaona, Jackie Tan, Michael Viau, Richie Gaona, Allen Mak, etc. Always a passion of his, Will finally grew big enough stones to open up his first trapeze in Metro Manila. He just hopes that people in the Philippines will love it as much as he does.



Richard BautistaRichard Bautista 
My name is Richard and I was born on January 15th in Olongapo City. In 2007, I worked at Club Med in Phuket, Thailand where I was trained as a circus instructor. Thereafter, I was sent to assist the various circus and trapeze programs at Club Med Malaysia and Club Med Indonesia. I love teaching and sharing my passion for trapeze with students and feel blessed that I get to teach the arts to my fellow Filipinos. Besides trapeze, my hobbies include playing basketball, tanning without sunblock on and hanging out with my friends.




Dan RosenzweigDan Rosenzweig 
A Swedish and American citizen, Dan (26) has been practicing circus arts for more than fifteen years and flying trapeze for ten. He has worked with all ages, from six to sixty+ years old. Back in the USA, he plays bass guitar, but here in Manila, he has recently taken up learning the ukulele, which he'll likely have on hand by the rig. He is very excited to share his passion for flying through the air here in Manila and looks forward to your participation at Flying Trapeze Philippines.




Jade LuJade Lu 
Before finding her way up in the air, Jade had been practicing her ground game in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) while dabbling in jazz dance, ballet, and dancesports. She believes the skills she gained from dancing are her greatest advantages as a competitor in BJJ. Jade is excited about the trapeze, as it combines athleticism and artistry into one beautiful performance. She looks forward to bringing the best of what she learned in both fighting and dancing to the Flying Trapeze Philippines family.




Flying Trapeze Philippines Grand Launch
Last Thursday, July 31, was the official opening of the first full-sized trapeze rig in the Philippines. There were showers here an 08/01/2014...



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